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The following is from the State of California's Statewide Public Health Officer Order, and applies to San Diego County, including Coronado:


The entire Order can be found here.


2.  Indoor operations shall be restricted across the state as specified below:

a.  Dine-in restaurants must close indoor seating to customers. During this closure, all dine-in restaurants may continue to utilize outdoor seating and must comply with the guidance for outdoor dining. Restaurants should continue to encourage takeout and delivery service whenever possible.

b.  Wineries and tasting rooms must close indoor services to customers. During This closure all wineries and tasting rooms operating outdoors must comply with the guidance for restaurants, wineries, and bars.

c.  Family entertainment centers and movie theaters must close indoor services and attractions to customers.

1.  Family entertainment centers may continue to provide outdoor services and attractions to customers, and must comply with the guidance for movie theaters and family entertainment centers.

2.  Drive-in movie theaters may continue to operate and should follow additional applicable guidance for drive-in movie theaters.

d.  Indoor attractions at zoos and museums must close to visitors.

1.  Zoos and museums may continue to operate outdoor attractions and must follow the guidance for zoos and museums.

e.  Cardrooms must close indoor services to customers and must follow the guidance for cardrooms.

Order for Closure of Additional Indoor Sectors for Counties on Monitoring List Effective in San Diego county July 15, 2020

3.  Counties that currently appear on CDPH's County Monitoring List and have been on the list for three consecutive days, and counties that subsequently appear for three consecutive days or more while this order remains effective, must close all indoor operations of the following types of businesses/events/activities:

a. Gyms and Fitness Centers

b. Places of Worship

c. Protests

d. Offices for Non-Critical Infrastructure Sectors

e. Personal Care Services (including nail salons, massage parlors, and tattoo parlors)

f.  Hair salons and barbershops

g. Malls

Additional information regarding specific industries:

The complete list of industry-specific guidance can be found here.

Restaurants, Bars, Etc.

From the San Diego County Public Health Order The entire Order can be found here.

13.  All brewpubs, breweries, bars and pubs shall close unless they comply with section 14c, below, in which case they shall comply with all other requirements in this section and section 14 below. All other restaurants, bars, wineries, distilleries and breweries shall close indoor service in conformance with the requirements set forth in the Statewide Public Health Officer Order, issued by the California Department of health Services on July 13, 2020, all portions of which are operative in San Diego County effective immediately, and available [here], and shall be closed from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. every day. Guests already in the facility at 10:00 p.m. may remain in the facility until 11:00 p.m. Only staff needed to close, open or clean shall be in the facility between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

14.  All restaurants, bars, wineries and breweries shall also be required to ensure their customers comply with all of the following measures and shall immediately close if they are not able to do so:

a. No food or beverages shall be served to or consumed by a customer who is not seated at a table designated by the restaurant for dining.

b. The bar area of a restaurant may be used only for table service of meals.

c. Alcoholic drinks shall only be served as part of a meal and must be sold and served in the same transaction as the meal. All meals shall be served by a food operator permitted by the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health. This restriction shall not be applicable to outdoor service of wine at a winery or spirits at a distillery.

d. Customers shall not stand in the restaurant, bar, winery, distillery or brewery except in the reception area while waiting for a table or to pick up take-out food. If customers cannot be socially distanced in the reception area they shall wait in their cars or outside of the restaurant in a line with six feet between each customer.

e. Discontinue open seating. All members of the party must be present before seating and the host must bring the entire party to the table at one time. The customers allowed at a table are limited to members of a single household or customers who have asked to be seated together at the time a table is requested.

f. Discontinue seating customers and/or groups at bar counters, sushi preparation bars, etc. where they cannot maintain at least six feet of distance from employee work areas/stations. Install physical barriers or partitions in areas where maintaining a physical distance of six feet is difficult.

g. Customers are not required to wear face coverings while at a table with members of the same household. Customers at a table with non-household members are not required to wear face coverings when eating and drinking. Customers are required to wear face coverings at all other times.

h. Tables designated for dining shall be six feet apart, or separated by barriers or partitions that extend above the heads of customers while seated. Customers shall not be allowed to bring additional chairs to the table that interfere with the six foot separation.

i. Self-serve food or drink options, such as buffets, salad bars, and drink stations are not allowed.

j. Shared entertainment items such as board games, arcade games and vending machines are prohibited and customers shall not have access to game and entertainment areas such as pool tables or darts.

k. Dance floors shall be closed and live performances such as musical or dance acts shall be discontinued.

l. Any customer that refuses to comply with this section shall be subject to enforcement per Health and Safety Code section 120295.

Retail Businesses will need to complete the County's Safe Reopening Plan, implement all mandatory measures, print it, and post it at each public entrance before reopening. A copy of the Plan must also be distributed to each employee. Businesses that have already been open for pickup or delivery will need to update their plan. Essential businesses that already have customers in-store do not need to update their plans, but are still required to have the Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol posted at all customer entrances. Additional guidance can be found below.

State Guidance For Retail
State Checklist for Retail Employers


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